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girl behind the Magicalmessyhair...Jennifer!


This week is another  curly beauty from the hood. She's a mommy, wife, singer, photographer and so much more... A woman who wears many hats. Seriously- she makes me feel like I really have no excuse for saying "I  don't have time"
So without further ado.. meet Jennifer!

Please introduce yourself?
 Jennifer Williams

How long are you natural?
+- 7 years

What or who inspired  you to embrace your  God given crown?  

I've always loved to change up my hair so I would have my hair relaxed but sport a afro weave as a PS in winter. I really hated getting burnt by relaxers and one day I said enough Is enough. Me and a friend of mine who is a hairdresser as well Shenal Canham, decided we are going to do this thing. So I kept my hair in a p's and when the regrowth grew I cut it.    

There was no turning back after that. That was about 10 years ago. I suffered a lot initially because I never took much care for it cos I didn't know how. I used the same shampoo and c…