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Blooming n Booming...Buuya Beauty...

Hello everyone! This week I have the pleasure of featuring the founder of  Buuya Beauty - Meet the beautiful Queen Kasuba Naomi  Stuurman. Stuurman launched her products last week on her birthday! (Talk about abundant blessings and new beginnings...) In this interview she shares how she built her business, her mistakes and gives some serious advice for new entrepreneurs - Enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself? I am a determined, hardworking, proudly Zambian woman married to the most Amazing man!
What inspired you to create your own natural hair line? So many things; but I would have to say that one of the biggest driving forces is my desire to see women of colour embracing themselves and accepting themselves for who they are. Also, I really wanted to pay tribute to the rich natural resources that we have in Southern Africa.
What is a typical day like for you? Well, because I’m working for myself now, I have the luxury of a 9am start. This means I don’t experience the stress of traffic and…

Dark and Lovely afro moisturising butter part 2

Hey there!

I was never à fan of hair butters - for me à good leave- in and oil was my go to. Since my hair is getting longer and thicker I started experimenting with butters, puddings, custards- yoh!... Im starting to get hungry now...

The consistency of this butter is light. Honestly- I don't like the smell so I added some Citronella oil in it.
Well, because I was disappointed in the conditioner I must say- this product kinda surprised me.        

 It does provide some moisture and it leaves my fro nice and fluffy. Because I have thick hair this butter was not too heavy for me. Try not to be heavy handed with this one cos it can leave hair looking kinda dull.
The pic below is 3rd day hair.

Leaves m'y fro nice and fluffy

It doesn't have à very strong hold- but I  will say that its great to revive old hair. I mostly use this butter to bring back some softness and shine.      

Overall - this product is ok. I was hoping this product would do so much more for my hair than wha…


Hi everyone!

How about wé start the weekend off with à some hairspiration- especially for those considering locs... Meet Amy- Rea! She has a beautiful spirit. You'll know what I mean when you read her story below.

I'm Amy-Rae Rispel. I'm a 28-year-old mom of one born and bred in the Mother City.
I’m a big supporter for the natural hair movement and a proud feminist.
Day to day I work behind the scenes as a producer for the breakfast show at CapeTalk but in my spare time, I'm the author of Amy, Authentically ( and amateur cook.

How long are you natural? 

5 years in October this year.  

What or who inspired you to embrace your God given crown?

I'd say it was series of preordained events that amalgamated into a paradigm-shifting moment of realization. The birth of my daughter, a bad relaxer experience, becoming a feminist, reading up on the politics of black hair and finally asking myself: “Why do you wear your hair like this? Who are who?…

Knot-out Dark and Lovely conditioner.... Part 1


I'm surprised by the number of products popping up that are geared towards naturalistas!

I haven't used Dark and Lovely products since relaxer days.
 Before I start, please remember that this review is based on the experience on MY hair. Dark and Lovely did not send products to me for review. I buy all my own products.

For those of you who are on the CG method these products promise the following:  No alcohol                  No parabens.                          No mineral oil                    No  petrolatum                    For all hair types    Thé conditioner:                                                         Nice thick consistency.  I seriously don't like the fragrance - #tooartificial...  Thé back of label states that it easily detangles and offers thé slip you désire to make  combing à breeze. Um ... This did absolutely nothing for and to my hair.    The name Knot-out is what caught my attention- I thought the slip would of been su…

Gone bananas...Purity DIY bomb combo...

Hi ya'll!

I noticed the happiness of my hair ever since I started DIY-ing my own deep conditioners.
I love mixing up concoctions in my kitchen just for the love of my hair and I've become quite the mixtress....

 Thanks to Maxine Arnold- much love to this natural hair queen- find out all about her journey and regimen here. She introduced us to the banana Purity. I hate putting food on my hair but Purity was just the perfect solution! I named it 'my bomb combo' cos thats exactly what it is. It's filled with moisturizing goodness!

I did some research and here's what I found:
Bananas are rich in vitamins, potassium and calcium.
Great for hair growth
Helps with hair fall Has healing properties
Gives shine and moisturises and the list goes on....

It's everything for dry, course and brittle hair. My hair feels stronger and is shinier everytime- it's all kinds of awesomeness...
Now I'm always switching things up depending on the needs of my hair, so play ar…