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Some Hairstyles...

Hi there curlies!

I've been playing around with different hairstyles lately and totally enjoying it too!

I'm all for simplicity...

I slicked the sides with a little gel.

Tuck n roll updos are becoming my favourites.
I love the fro- hawk...

For all of these hairstyles I used bobby pins.
And that's it; Enjoy the rest of your long weekend friends!  Keep the Magic Stay Natural...

Winter proof your hair...

Hey there curlfriends!

The drop in temperature brings with it a whole set of challenges when it comes to our hair and skin. Serously I never had to think about a Winter routine, until I returned to natural. Its a learning process- But don't freak out because a few tweaks to your current regimen is all you need to guard your crown.

Here are some tips of mine to help you Winter proof your hair:)
Pre-poo always to prevent your hair from being stripped from the shampoo. Shampoo less frequently( if you can) and deep condition every time afterwards to retain moisture. Try co-washing more as well.

 Avoid shampoos with sulphates- Or dilute your sulphate shampoo with half water. Another alternative is to add a few drops of oils to the shampoo. Make your own  sulphate free shampoo using African Black Soap.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! I use the LOC method religiously during this time of year because my hair gets extremely dry.
If your hair is like mine- thick and thirsty then use a mo…

Tresemme Naturals review

Hello again!

Any curly girl understands that conditioner is the one product that we run through like crazy. I buy all types of conditioners and I always make sure that I never ever run out...ever. So I've been using Tresemme conditioners since I started my hair journey and it treated my hair very well. I decided to try out the silicone free one with sweet orange extract.

   It has no dyes, is hypoallergenic, silicone free and safe for color treated hair.

What it does:)
After just one use your hair will be 10x stronger.
Protects all hair types from breakage and damage.
I use it to co- wash, to pre- poo and as a rinse out mostly.

The texture is not too thick. Likes
Silicone free
I like the light creamy texture
Comes in a big bottle
Use it for multiple purposes
Rinses out easily
Safe for color treated hair

I always add a bit of oils in it when I detangle because it doesn't have crazy slip.
The smell - it could of been more fruity...

My take:)
It moisturizers my hair lightly-…