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Fat is not the enemy!...Banting

Hey there!

Okay let me start by telling you that I love food and that I'm an emotional eater. My eating was whack over the past few months. Its no wonder that when  I stepped on the scale it read 'One at time please!' I had  gained close to 10kg's! I  began  my weightloss challenge again and hoping that this time I stick to it. You can join  me   here.
Anywho, I was totally excited after a really good friend of mine contacted me to tell me all about her success with Banting. I was shocked when I saw her before and after pictures! I just had to ask her to share it with you all, I know that someone out there will be motivated. We've been friends for as long as I can remember. I admire her fighting spirit- she never just throws in the towel easily. Years back we took up jogging for weightloss and fitness, I found it very difficult and at times I really wanted to quit, but this lady here was always cheering me on...telling me that I could do it! And because she inspire…