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Event Alert!

Hey there curlies!
One more day, yay! The excitement, the anticipation... The Durban Naturals Social Day. I must say that I always wanted to attend one of these events. I'm so honored to be part of this awesome get together. The event is hosted by the awesome two, natural enthusiasts - Maxine Arnold and her very supportive brother, Bryce Arnold. 
The theme is a touch of Africa.
There will loads of entertainment, live performances and spot prizes just to name a few. T- shirts, stunning African accessories and natural hair products will be on sale as well.
I know you curlies cannot wait to mix and mingle with other natural gals, professional hair stylists and other event sponsors and guests!
See you all on Saturday!
Xo Xo Marlene Louw

Unleash your curls... ORS Curl boosting jelly review

Hi curlies!

Three months ago I purchased the ORS Curl boosting jelly. I was kinda sceptical at first, because I don't use gels at all. For my hair, I find gels very drying and that they flake alot.

Perfect for curly & kinky textures, Crunch-less curl definition, Lightweight. Curls Unleashed Set It Off Curl Boosting Jelly provides great curl definition without the crunch. It works great for twistouts, coiling, shingling, freestyles and updo’s. It is lightweight and easy to apply for delightful curl definition. It is made with soothing aloe vera, wheat protein and vitamin B.
This giggly, jelly product actually did a pretty good job in my hair. . The best part is it didn’t dry my hair. It wasn’t sticky and it dried amazingly fast.

From this

To this

 The very first time I used it, was on wet hair. It was a complete fail. My hair felt stiff and hard. The second time, I applied the jelly on my twist out. The results were  light, fluffy, soft, semi-defined curls. I also love…

Snip and Slay...the Big Chop

Hello again curlies!

Short hair can free you. Cutting my hair was honestly such a brave move. The big chop is one of the two ways to go natural. The big chop is cutting all of your relaxed hair off and only working with your natural hair

I'll admit that the big chop may cause you to feel vulnerable but sometimes it's the best way to go natural. After the haircut you need to figure out how to maintain your short hair (TWA – Teeny Weenie Afro). Firstly, build an easy regimen, one that is simple and that works for you.
Don’t use too many products at once because you won’t know what’s working and what’s not.
Main Products You Need: a sulfate-free shampoo, rinse out conditioner, deep conditioner (used weekly), daily moisturizer,used as often as needed. Make sure your moisturizers have water listed as the first or second ingredient. My biggest mistake was using oil to soften my hair, it just sat on top of my hair. Remember this, oil is not a moisturizer. It's a sealant.  So add o…

Ayurveda part two

Hello again curlies!
 In an  Ayurvedic hair care regimen
you must have discipline and do treatments consistently for best results. If you are able to incorporate the practices faithfully then you are on your way to having healthy hair. I plan to try and do a treatment at least once a week.

 Ayurvedic products include natural herbs and oils that help to thicken and strengthen the hair.
Here’s a few of the most commonly used Ayurvedic items for hair and a few of their benefits:

        Natural way to color hair with red tones
        Conditions, thickens and strengthens hair
        Increases shine
        Loosens curl pattern
        Reduces split ends
        Alleviates dandruff and kills lice.
    Strengthens roots
    Defines curl pattern
    Promotes hair growth
    Strengthens hair
    Tones down the red in henna treatments and darkens hair
    Is a natural astringent

    Promotes smooth, shiny hair
    Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial
    Alleviates scalp ailments like ps…

Ayurveda part one

Hello again curlies!

Ayurvedic regimens are effective, and easily customizable to suit your hair needs. Most importantly, the ingredients are inexpensive and all natural. I have decided to break this post into several parts as not to overwhelm/bore anyone out there.   I'm keeping it simple because the subject of  Ayurveda can get deep, and I'm not a hair professional or guru. I like keeping things simple.
If you follow me on Instagram, then you may already come to know that I have incorporated some Ayurvedic hair treatments to my regimen. Ayurvedic hair treatments consists of natural herbs and powders that give stronger, thicker and healthier hair. This is great for me especially since my hair sheds every time I wash it.
Benefits - Strengthens hair
Reduces hair loss
Thickens hair
Conditions the hair
Aids and restores shine
Eliminates dandruff issues
All the ingredients are Cheap! ( bonus points)  and all natural. Most ingredients and herbs can be purchased at your local Indian …

Natural hair lingo

Hey there curlies!

The natural hair community has a language of their own. Here's a list of terms  that are frequently used.

ACV - Apple cider vinegar
BC - Big Chop
Co- Washing - washing your hair with conditioner only
DC - Deep Conditioner
HG - Holy Grail, products that your hair absolutely loves
Dusting - a very light trim
EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive oil
Porosity - Your hairs ability to soak up moisture
Creamy crack - describes relaxers
Manipulation - the amount of time you spend styling or touching your hair
PS - Protective Styling, hairstyles that protects the ends of your hair from breakage and exposure to the elements such as the weather and clothing
Sealing - ( seal the ends)  to seal in moisture to your hair usually with an oil or butter
Slip - How well a product allows your fingers or comb to 'slip' or glide through your hair
TWA - Teeny Weeny Afro
WNG - Wash and Go
APL - Arm Pit Length
Baggy - A method to help reduce breakage and dryness, after moisturising at night, put a shower c…